CBD Super Bloom Tincture

Need an extra drop of tranquility? Our expertly formulated CBD tincture will add the finishing touch to your day. We suggest starting with just a half dropper per dose. Bonus, it's a flavorless oil! Finally, something that doesn't leave a bad taste in your mouth!


Please note this product cannot ship to DC, ID, CA, GA, HI, IN, IA, KS, KY, LA, MA, MI, NV, SC, SD, UT, AK, MI, RI, TX, WV.


-1 fl. oz with 1400mg broad spectrum CBD
-Flavorless, vegan, gluten free, non-GMO
-Contains MCT oil, which is said to boost energy and help with inflammation
-Suggested dose: half dropper with 23mg, 1-2 times per day
-Avoid heating or adding into hot dishes/drinks as it can diminish potency
-Safe to consume any time of day
-Manufactured in USA
-All of our CBD products contain less than .3% THC, guaranteed
-Lab results
-Final sale

A bottle of CBD tincture with its colorful box adjacent, photographed against a bright red background.
CBD Super Bloom Tincture
CBD Super Bloom Tincture